I Saw A Film!

A screwball, dark comedy involving a kidnapping and some kind of digital information ransom (I forgot exactly what it was the crooks wanted), much like Fargo, a couple of years later, though more amusing than that. The louts wind up accidentally killing their charge (she accidentally knocks herself out and drowns herself in a pool (Brian Jones style) while they watch a kickboxing match) and are forced to go find another woman to match her, though not before trying to pass the dead woman off as sleeping.

The late and super-adorable Adrienne Shelly plays both roles, succumbing to peer pressure (she’s just trying to study through the university break being a very dedicated little smarty pants) ends up out on the town with her bestie and before long, in the clutches of the kidnappers who drug her, dye her hair, dress her in tight leather, and, give her the titular tattoo (basically on her tits). Lots of wildness ensues. The cops don’t buy her story, but eventually she runs into a government agent, played by the hilarious Deitrich Bader (Rex Kwon Do!) and gets recruited to help bring the kidnappers to justice.

There are a lot of great faces put together in this film, from Nancy Mckeon (Facts of Life), to Lou Diamond Phillips, to Casey Siemaszko (from some of the 80s St. Elbows fire type crap), to Jonathan Silverman who reminds you of that guy from that movie (Weekend at Bernie’s) to Nanette Fabray and Tippi Hedren! There’s something curiously slapdash but entirely entertaining about the whole enterprise (just as Cohen brothers movies tend to be). It’s directed by Julie Cypher who did nothing else I’m familiar with and curiously has a ton of Melissa Etheridge music in it (who I remember all the gay ladies being in love with back when I worked at a Barnes and Nobles-something about harmonica playing).

There’s a great pile of scenes from Joey “Pants” Pantoliano doing almost the same role he’d do in The Matrix a little later on, that being, sitting in an office chair and wheeling around between computers. Though he’s a bit less critically menacing here.

This one is running free on Hulu (usa) and made me look up how Adrienne Shelly ended up dead, sadly murdered by a petty thief who tried to stage it as a suicide. What a shame!

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