I Saw A Film!

Melanie Griffith completists will enjoy still baby-fat Melanie riding with that guy who would soon be lead Nerd in Revenge of the Nerds (who I did not realize is a Carradine!) and the offspring of Desi and Lucy up to Alaska to continue being poor and rootless and end up in the middle of some criminal behavior and soon enough robbing a payroll office and taking the local hooker / office-worker for the pipeline hostage. The only thing missing is the rollicking banjo music as our gang roll up and down muddy roads and fight over the rights to Melanie’s shower sequences.

Somehow they manage to keep getting away with some bold crimes driven by the fact that they were reduced to eating actual dog food and getting beat up by loutish pipeline workers. The come-on from the local hooker and pipeline office worker in the bar, basically demanding a foot rub by dropping her stocking leg on the table, was unique and effective enough for Alaska regional romance. Desi Jr. won’t pay for sex and so she’s actually, later, intrigued by him. A turn down was enough of a new thing!

In a shootout with a company thug after a ransom payout our little hostage takes a bullet, but there’s a bit of a continuity failure as it’s soon forgotten and she’s offered a blanket and sent out for a wander. The gang changes their mind and grab her again, she’s certain she’s worth more “sneezing money”.

There is a certain feel of confident and casual bad behavior here. It’s an interesting story in the fact that you’re invited in, but it’s a largely judgment free experience. You’re meant to sort of ride along without thinking too deeply about the prospects of success or justice. There’s no overall plan, actually there’s no planning at all. The activities are all perfectly impulsive. There’s a certain careless delinquency around the entire pipeline town they hole up in, and perhaps that kind of jaundiced wild-west thing is what Alaska was about at the time. Possibly it still is, I don’t know. At one point early in our story, a store is in the process of being robbed allowing our little gang to load up on groceries for free. Also, unlike a Bonnie and Clyde finale, we watch our little protagonists ride off into the sunset. No resolution, nor consequences in this fantasy.

This is running free on Prime (usa) and the bell bottoms are fun. Melanie definitely improved with age.

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