I saw A Film!

This one, a real dog of an Elvis film, has our man flying about in a helicopter with a singing kiddo and sparring with a couple of lovely ladies. And, that’s honestly about it. Can’t really tell you much more that will add anything to this film like allergy inducing peanut butter to the chili.

Most of the movie is scenery from the air, and while it’s quite nice scenery, I’m unlikely to get to Hawaii any time soon, we’re left wondering how we’re meant to tie it in to the tale of Elvis and the many ladies who have been left with promises. They’re not kidding around, Elvis doesn’t get much fun in this film. The cuties are all rather angry and disappointed with him. He manages to get into one fisticuffs with a dork who his secretary “Friday” is with (she’s been pretending she’s married to avoid Elvis’s come on) and so Elvis is confused and easily riled.

The star of this show is a young’un called Donna Butterworth who out sings and out dances and even out acts Elvis. She’s only 10 and so Elvis didn’t have a chance here really. Butterworth looks like she should have been starring on a sitcom.

Elvis pumps out a few lazy and terrible AND finally unmemorable songs (one of them does the bad job of rhyming two peas in a “pack” with scratch your back, another called “Stop Where You Are” does a terrible freeze frame every time he says “stop”. Someone thought that would be cute. I’m sure Elvis was exhausted with these films by the time, he’d been doing several a year for quite some time.

This is running free on Prime (usa) and doesn’t have much to recommend it over his other Hawaii flims (Girls Girls Girls, and Blue Hawaii).

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