I Saw A Film!

Being a dyed-in-the-wool Klaus Kinski fan, I needed to get this seeming three hour police procedure under my belt, which is tricky as it’s only 70 minutes long. It’s one part bank heist (Kinski’s aspect which starts the film and seems a bit tacked on) and three parts weird hooded Chris Lee as a lion tamer (though sometimes the lions ain’t so tame-hence his ruined face under the hood) in a circus. There’s a complex around a knife-thrower, he’s covering for another knife-thrower. Lee is apparently the beauty’s uncle, as her daddy was knifed. Knives figure big.

Too much of the film takes place between British law enforcement officers mostly chatting in suits. This thriller has more in common with lengthy television drama than a paced 70 minute feature. By the time Lee takes off his hood and we see that he’s actually not scarred, and has replaced the supposedly scarred brother, we’re fairly well into the ho-hum range.

We do get a nice knife throwing scene. The impressive part of knife throwing isn’t the thrower it’s the lovely lady who trusts him. We finally get the killer exposed, and, son of a gun he’s a knife thrower . . . ugh. OK.

This film probably works better for British folks who may recognize some of these side-players. Kinski’s role is basically to creep around corners and peer into things.

running free on Prime (usa) – good luck.

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