I Saw A Film!

In the 17th century a wicked Baron is sentenced to execution for screwing around with some nobles’ wives and performing necromancy and witchcraft, which was the best way of getting rid of folks in the way of your career goals back in the day. He’s burned at the stake, but instead of being undone and done-in he manages to jump aboard a passing comet (not unlike certain modern cultists have expected to do) and zipping forward 300 years, with the return of said comet, to lick the brains out of a lovely lady barfly. As you see, the baron is now a grotesque monster with a forked tongue, and tube-like fingers, looking something like a melted version of a muppet.

Soon enough our heroes, a romantic couple and their friendly astronomer are on the case, as well as a pair of humorously bumbling police officers. The Baron of Terror, or Brainiac is soon making his way for revenge against his executioners (all three of them, as after 300 years, there’s still only 1 descendent for each!).

And so it goes, beautiful women, and the punishment of Inquisition descendants, as the rubbery mask kinda moves like George Gobles doing his pea soup impersonation. Eventually, we’re let in on how the Baron prefers to enjoy the brains he pulls out of his victims, on a lovely covered brain dish he keeps in an elaborate cabinet. How will we ever defeat this monster of brain sucking?

This film runs free on prime (usa), and this little team of actors has appeared in a number of enjoyable and cheap Mexican productions. El Vampiro being one of the more enjoyable.

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