I Saw A Film!

Our young, skull-T shirt wearing, rebel (he actually does wear a confederate flag patch) belongs to a rag-tag team of spunky individuals set against the ministry of, take your time with this: Deinfestation Annihilation Squad, or Henry Silva’s silver suited army of baddies and their box trucks. When our hero finds his mom and dad murdered by flame-thrower he redoubles his rebel efforts. He rolls by the name Trash, and has fantastic hair-metal hair. The story, similar to the vicious Israeli efforts against the Palestinians (maybe it’s just a veiled representation), delves into overpowering guerilla resistance with guerilla tactics.

The opening sequence with the overjoyed chopper assassins discovering Trash out in the open immediately reflect that over-confidence associated with evil intentions, in bad movies and pro-wrestling. Trash predictably wastes them with a six-shooter.

We meet the team, some of them are clearly stage show dancers. Others are just personalities with dyed hair and bondage gear. Once introduced, they are quickly forgotten, save one, the puny adorable kiddo and his obsession with blowing people up, “pow!” he says miming an explosion with his hands. Child soldiers rarely strike the right chord.

There are a lot of problems with this Italian production, ranging from the just dreary repetitiveness, to the budget rental trucks, and the fact that both the main ladies, one a muck-raking and fearless journalist, get plugged. The journalist while kidnapping an official to hold for ransom. Of course, as Silva’s character aptly points out, no one is worse than him, and the official (the “president” somehow?) isn’t all that important to the overall plans of the evil corporation. The baddies after killing off all our ladies, then die in remarkably budget ways (explosions with model cars). I told you it’s repetitive.

This runs free on Prime (usa) and with dialog like: “You think she’s funny, you shit!”, followed by, “Hey, cut the crap!”. It’s hard to go wrong!

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