I Saw A Film!

As a newcomer to the film antics of these two Italian stars equipped with Hollywood style pseudonyms, I was pleasantly surprised that the focus of the very basic, kid-friendly premise. A couple of blue-collar dolts and their desire to own a red dune-buggy. They aren’t chasing women. They aren’t money-grubbing. They don’t even answer to their mothers. They’re just interested in their dreams of driving around in a red dune-buggy. A focus any twelve-year-old could easily grasp.

The film starts off with our two clowns arguing over who deserves said dune-buggy, and battling it out in an eating contest. Eat a sausage, drink a beer until one quits. Neither quits of course, and instead the local, and very colorfully dressed mafia come and destroy their eatery. When the car derby / race arrives both fellows have entered and after a centerpiece of crashes and various other dangerous looking stunts, end up tied. They start out sharing their win, discussing how they will settle the ownership when the colorfully dressed mafia destroy the buggy! This sets the fellows on a course of battling motorcycle gangs, mafiosos and crashing strange balloon parties.

I’ve read that these fellows were in a slew of films together and while this little romp was at least as fun as a typical Bollywood farce directed by the famous Govinda. And if that doesn’t suit as a reference point, Jackie Chan made quite a few films that are equally enjoyably clownish and for much the same reasons. The focus is on the action, not romance, nor riches. It’s basically a movie version of a circus act.

This is running free on Prime (USA) and great for a bit of fun fluff with which to escape the endless ideology.

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