I Saw a Film!

These evil loner serial killers were a dime a dozen in the old action films. This particular film spawns a karate killer that Fear City would reuse the following year. The young fellow, a Ken doll with a knife, strips naked and traps pretty ladies before slaying them with a kitchen blade. Thankfully we have Charles Bronson on the case!

Well, sort of. This is one of those horror films with a connection to Death Wish. Imagine if Freddy Kreuger or the hockey-masked Michael of those old slashers, had to deal with Bronson. I imagine, the pitch would be something like, naked girls, violence, and Bronson! Why not? It sounds like a perfect smorgasbord of unhealthy film appetites that we seem to crave. One lovely lady takes off naked through the forest pursued by the madman. Nothing new here, and she was even having sex when this sequence started, just like in any good (re: Cheesy) horror film, delivering on the “deserved” tragedy. But she looks amazing.

Bronson’s cop character has a ripe daughter for the picking, she lives in a house with a bevy of gorgeous young ladies. The Killer likes to phone his victims and pretend to be Hispanic and work himself into a despicable fervor.

Bronson ends up frustrated, having to explain the death of a young woman he knew to the parents. This winds up motivating him to frame the killer. We don’t care because we have “god’s view” and know he’s correct. In fact, we kind of enjoy the injustice working to our benefit here (don’t we all love being on the right team against such a ridiculous monster?), but, of course, the good cop is going to realize the tampering, and undo Bronson’s means of getting this monster off the streets.

This wind-up brings about a climax in which the killer focuses all his attentions on the daughter, fooling Bronson into being on the wrong side of town, and creating the anxiety of the unnecessary situation. Had only the justice system trusted the cop who lied! You know where this is going. The finale has the killer grinning and explaining how he’ll use the justice system by pleading his insanity. Of course ole Chuck ain’t having none of it, and we love him for it. This is the sort of film that silly people think is reality, having been fooled into thinking god-like cops should be unleashed to take out the baddies. Trouble is the world is never so obvious.

This runs free on Prime (USA) and you can’t help seeing that Bronson is walking through this one, collecting the paycheck. Deathwish it ain’t.

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