I Saw A Film!

A fun old, exploitative, part monster and part super-hero (of the Swamp Thing variety) type film with a lot of comeuppances for some nasty folks who abuse their positions for profit. The back story is a fun one and includes a bit of East Asian racism, hey you need an origin story and nothing serves like those misunderstood “natives” doing something unspeakable in the forest (cue nearly every single story by Lovecraft). This time the story revolved around coconut oil production!

In this case, a condemned relative of our crippled protagonist reveal’s a massive, though childishly drawn back tattoo that is apparently a powerful Malaysian spell that once cast will transform the user into a kind of slippery and impervious fighting monster. Much of our tale involves the protagonist trying to protect a lady relative (who gets beat up and raped!) and then expanding into the practices of some evil plastic surgery folks who are wounding people and cheating insurance. One odd sequences has a lovely lady strapped into birthing stirrups and some sort of procedure going on, as the Oily Maniac attacks . . . it’s a bit difficult to fathom, but don’t think too much, bad doctor! The twisty ending is tough to understand as he gets betrayed after explaining to his ladyfriend that he still has a couple more killings to do to avenge his raped sweetheart. So she kinda rats him out and there’s a kind of fiery end for the Oily Maniac.

You get the idea, the world is full of people who deserve an oily beating. The Oily Maniac, seems to not really have a tremendous mania, but can move around as a kind of flashing animated blob and give what for to those who wrong. It’s a curious choice, but as I read a bit about the film it is apparently an old East Asian legend that occasionally had the creature more demonic than heroic.

This is a Shaw Brothers production and running free on Prime (usa). I’m sure I missed some of the subtle social messages here, but, overall there’s only so much you can get across when you have a guy in a rubber suit attacking plastic surgeons. Free Hong Kong!

I love how sexy they try to imply this is gonna be

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