I Saw A Film!

I have to apologize as this film was so entirely vapid I really had a lot of trouble focusing on it. The premise, of course, some boys, played by actors I vaguely recognize, going to Ft. Lauderdale and gawking at girls, and ending up having to share a hotel room with some other blokes, and going to lots of street events . . . is so without any particular internal interest that I found myself cleaning my house instead of watching.

It’s obviously a beach blanket bingo kinda nonsense film. It involves an irate father of one of the boys we’re meant to care about. In comic style, the irate father is a politician and hires goons to try to bring the fellow back. It’s unimportant stuff. I don’t mind a tale from the point of view of some nerdy boys, heck we’ve been watching these things for a while. Less is the case of the horny girl movies . . . Where the Boys Are could use a modern update. And while this is 1983, there’s really no excuse for our continuing Victorian priggishness, but continued priggishness around women’s comming-of-age and sexuality is STILL the freaking norm. This film rights no wrongs for the ladies, in fact, they are barely in the film as anything but ornamentation. Fine ornaments they are too. There’s at least one Playboy playmate in the mix.

Frankly as a young man the ladies were basically unreachable objects that I merely ogled and dreamed of. As far as I was concerned I was surrounded by untouchable Playboy playmates. The day-dreaming of a self-conscious young’un just doesn’t make for a great film. Of course, I’m not interested in the love-story / suicide pact of a Romeo and Juliette either, so go figure.

I’m not sure if any of these sun and fun party films are worth anything to an adult. I went to college for about 18 years (undergrad drag, the masters mess-up, and doctorate decimation) and never once went to Florida for spring break. In fact, I don’t remember anyone much mentioning it, but I was pretty busy. I usually had two jobs going while I was working on the research. Make that movie. I remember moaning something about feeling pretty stressed out which inspired my wife at the time to scream at me about not caring about my stress. She wasn’t the most supportive partner. I did learn to stop talking to her. Make that movie!

The truth is, despite the Big Bang Theory, no one has rightly examined or portrayed the life of a grad student with anything like an accurate tale. I suppose the average movie-goer is presumed to be incapable of identifying with grad school. But frankly it’s like any low-paying internship. Few of us are doctors or cops but we never tire of those stories. Why not the endless trudge of kow-towing for the certification of obsequious drudgery? The result of which is only discredit and being told we’re over-qualified.

This nonsense runs free on Prime (usa) and definitely lacks an Elvis with a helicopter element. OH wait, sun and fun. Get it while you can man.

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