I Saw A Film!

A fear of all things automated and robotic pervades this fun little bit of kitsch with pre-Dr. Whovian special effects and everything in exaggerated pastels (I presume colorized in the rehandling of the old print). The red-headed ladies are extra-red, and the powder blue jump-suits are the color of tropical fish.

We get to watch a pair of investigators as they try to understand why a monkey freezing experiment has gone wrong and killed a couple of scientists. Don’t get to excited about the level of special effects in this one, it’s mostly lots of automatic wheels and door locks being engaged without human hand, helicopters landed by automatic computer controls, and an easy to spark fear of man’s menacing creations. If the A-bomb was not enough, now we have computers!

Enter the pre-Dalek looking robots, one with a red spinner on top, the other with a green, or was it yellow? Anyway Gog is what this nifty multi-armed rolling creation is called, and it seems to flap its silly arms in glee as it runs out to collect a wrench to hand to a mechanic. Hmmm. The things that looked like State-of-the-Art so long ago. It does one well to bear in mind that European sailors boarded those dinky caravels as if they were us getting on airliners. No doubt, such will look shocking to future generations, as proof we have films like this. It was enough to have these “robots” , really just piles of plastic parts pulled around to look lively.

In the end, the philosophy and innovation gets chucked for some flat out fire to burn down the bad technology. Whew, thankfully that still works. The experiments on display here are cute and inadvertently hilarious. And the ladies do the proper hand to mouth shrieks at the right moments.

Running free on Prime (usa) and unfortunately the dialog is so sleep inducing I don’t remember a word of it.

the “faster” parts are all lies – it’s more a primitive Dalek

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