I Saw A Film!

Buried in this collection of sketch comedy and visual goofs including everything from gorilla suited wrestling and botched TV reporting to hilarious have sex to an LP type yucks is a fantastic Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon spoof worth it’s own full length film.

Called Fistful of Yen and starring Evan Kim who would later appear with Eastwood in The Dead Pool, the hilarious send-up of the old (Though much younger at the time) Bruce Lee classic has never been done better. What makes the damned thing so clever is the use of some excellent martial artists, and like all good spoofs the acting and the imitations are so excellently performed as to allow their jokes to shine. Bong Soo Han stars as the “Mr. Han” character, and is well known as the master of Hapkido most responsible for introducing the popular martial art to America. Another reason why the sequences with martial arts are so excellently done. Don’t get me wrong, many of the jokes are groan-worthy rather than snort-laughter, but it’s still wonderful if you’re a Bruce Lee fan.

Fistful of Yen is a short film, so Kentucky Fried Movie needed a lot of filler to bookend the beautiful little piece, and some of the gags, like a reporter picking his nose when he thinks he’s not on the air, or scratching his butt, are kind of passé at this point in our jaded lives. Hell even Monty Python left those silly gags alone when spoofing television news.

This is running free on Prime (USA) and is a kind of goofy classic for a Saturday afternoon laugh while cleaning your firearms (in America) or possibly cleaning up the house or training your bird to play chess.

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