I Saw A Film!

I thought I’d run out of Prime trucker flicks, but then, like a sweet Shiitake popping up on a log you forgot about, here comes Moonfire. There’s no song with the refrain “Moooooon-fire!” nor is there a truck or trucker called Moonfire . . . which is disappointing. Moonfire ends up being a codename for some kooky mission our truckers are sent off on. Truckers are Charles Napier (of the sweet lantern jaw) and Sonny Liston (the great boxer Ali made his name beating early in his career).

We get Mack trucks and lots of driving. We also get lots of loading of lettuce, or maybe cabbage. Lots of images of sweaty shirtless guys. Guys have to take their shirts off to load the trucks. Here’s the deal, a German badass in Mexico (somehow) has kidnapped a pilot of a space capsule. And, well, of course you send truckers to solve your problems.

Liston punches a biker while cradling an ice-cream eating kiddo. Another kid in the classic cowboy attire accosts Napier in a phone booth and tells him he’s not fat enough to be a trucker. There’s a fun sequence with the bad German who gets stuck on the side of the road, and our truckers help him with a forklift they happen to unload from the truck. What follows however is a gun x forklift fight, and since our badass German dude won’t get out of his car we get some fun car abuse from the lift. When the heroes return with the pilot we find out he’s a famous guy, but I somehow missed the detail and shrugged it off. So you’re left with that little mystery!

Running free on Prime (usa) and I do enjoy a truck movie. As I was looking for a good image of Moonfire I noticed that some of them include Nazi emblems, suggesting that there’s a Nazi connection. I did not notice such if it was mentioned. Not every German villain has to be a Nazi!

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