I Saw A Film!

As best as I can tell, someone saw Blade Runner, wanted to drop the sci-fi aspect an create a kind of dramatic noir wrapped around ne’er-do-wells and jewelry thieving. But, good lord, with Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine, and Divine along with that chick from Footloose, you can’t not select it. The blurb on Prime, as is so often the case, does not warn you in any particular way about what you’re about to get. What happens is something like Rumblefish (1983) mated with Warriors (1979) but with less compelling characters or story.

Unwrap this package and there is Carradine gradually made-up like a Ziggy Stardust Bowie and Kirstofferson as a kind of Noir private eye whom ladies can’t stop themselves gawking at. We have Rain City, a place somewhere between future and past, undecided fashion and arts, Buddhas and incense arranged with double barrelled shotguns. There are cars from all eras and the slight and lazy opportunity to sprinkle a bit of foreign language without really including it to give things a cosmopolitan moment.

Lori Singer has to play damsel-in-distress the whole time. There’s a lot of “poetry” from the likes of Joe Morton with a very improbable hair style, and you feel like someone was hoping to do something Jarmusch or Lynch-like, but what they actually made feels more like drunken college dares.

People fire guns by jerking their arms up in the air, like kids playing guns. People have crappy pasts and Genevieve Bujold runs a little greasy cafe and is always hanging around in the background looking wise. And saying terrible shit like “Good thing love is blind or it’d see too much.” And then they play Marianne Faithful singing a torch song in a voice seemingly devoid of lungs. It’s a Kooky film you can’t take your eyes off of. It wants to be retro, but it’s 80’s retro, then it wants to be futuristic, but again, it’s the 80s. It’s too bad they didn’t have Devine in drag. Oh well.

This runs on Prime (usa) for free . . . right now. And you know what you’re in for within seconds as you realize Singer and Carradine’s baby is named “Spike”.


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