I Saw A Film!

Sean Connery is a veteran cop on British streets desperately obsessed with stopping a child rapist and killer. On the outside of this story arrangement is a familiar good-guy desire. We want the good guys to win. We want them to find their quarry and protect the people. Good cop stuff. What we get here however is a psychological study of burned out officers and their potential of projecting their inner scars and weaknesses on the suspects they want to solve their cases.

Stanley Lumet directs this wholly ugly story, which plays like a stage show. It’s 90% face to face delivery. Actors probably love it. But the material is dark, and the staging miserable. Our veteran officer is slowly revealed to be so damaged by his experiences that he’s not really able to function, not as a cop or a husband. It’s a bit like the old Company K by William March who defended the notion that front line veterans of war could never be reintegrated into society. His opinion may have been heavy-handed, he himself a WW1 combat veteran I suppose would know best. But his desperately sad outlook stemmed from total lack of veteran services (instead of our now current meager ones).

Eventually things turn ugly as suspect and cop go around the table and blows are delivered. I can’t say enough about the claustrophobic halls and hanging bare wiring of the under-construction police station. The mess really adds to the mania of our protagonist.

This is running free on Prime USA and a really interesting indictment of human integrity and ethics decades before our understanding of police failings in complicated modern expectations and wokefulness.

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