I Saw A film!

In which John Cusack, a lovesick hired gun, manages to fistfight Benny the Jet and win! He also manages to win over Minnie Driver, a small town radio host who plays lots of Clash music nearly two decades post punk. The central and hard to take conceit of this crud is that cute cool people we adore are psychopathic killers. When Minnie’s character puts the killer on the spot, Cusack’s defense is sweet and totally empty. Of course this is only a film, and there have been many worse premises for hipster movies.

The best parts of this cool as killer film is non-other than Danny Aykroyd as a scary gunman, and John’s sis Joan as his kooky and possibly antagonistic secretary. Oh, also there’s a few short bits with Alan Arkin (possibly my favorite actor) in a few perfect sequences as John’s shrink.

Much of this silly film is spent with the ridiculous sideshow of a high school reunion (only ten years hence) and the reunion get-together with all its kooky jokes, oblivious former classmates, and cool 80s tunes. It ends up with a similar feel to High Fidelity, but with a body count. It’s pretty careless and as hard to imagine as Benny the Jet losing a fight to Cusack. Was this a thing in the mid-90s? Sort of too cool, romantic killer films? I don’t recall.

Running on Hulu in America where you can get Archer and What We Do In the Shadows and Modok which are all better choices even if you grew up on a steady diet of Cusack films.

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