I Saw a Film!

Anthony Michael Hall ends up with a massive amount of a psychopath’s drugs in a duffel bag. He’s also equipped with a Three Stooges like ability to create goofy inconvenience for himself by stumbling onto bodies, and producing guns in front of nervous cops. The movie opens with a lilt toward adolescent fantasy (though do these sorts of girl fantasies ever really go away?) and oddly the film has a kind of seesaw action between unlikely romance, with cute Jenny Wright, and vicious murder stalking the hapless fellow.

Saving the film is a quick music video of Siouxie and the Banshees performing “Cities In Dust” from the nearly perfect album Tinderbox. I just about choked on my tapas. The film shoves the band, the McGeoch era Banshees, on us without a touch of fanfare. Siouxie has her feral look, does a bit of baton marching, and the sequence is all too brief. I always find myself falling over when the films do this sort of rug pull to us, like we’re supposed to be able to go back to the silly film once you’ve thrilled us with some music legends. The same happens in a goofy Robert Downey Jr. film as he plays drums for none other than Jim Carroll in some forgettable feature or other. Anyway, back to the tale . . .

The psychopath trying to gets his drugs back (jeff Kober,who’s been on walking dead and son’s of anarchy) continually gives AMH plenty of warning, multiple chances, and finally, dead to rights on a balcony, death staring our protagonists in the face, a nobody rescues them. A less than climactic moment. Who looks for realism in these sorts of hair-brained accidental thrillers? These sorts of clunky chains of circumstances without the connective tissue to hold them together feel slapdash and like they were invented on the spot. Maybe it’s just me but watching these kids simply buffoon into and out of trouble while the baddies merely bump into them at each turn as they navigate “the big city” become quickly disengaged. It’s all too easy to find something else to look at. There’s a lot of shooting in the film, and a pretty high body count, but since AMH isn’t really connected to these deaths, you aren’t sure why you’re seeing bodies pile up. One dead girl falls out of a closet into our protags arms and we’re just left flummoxed. What’s up with that?

As for Jenny Wright, she’s a fearless cutie, reminding me of all those girls I had a crush on in the 80s, who tells strangers her dreams. Yeah, we could write those fantasies too.

This is running free on Prime (USA) and definitely an oddball of a feature with a surprise musical guest. The look on Hall’s face is the same you’ll have after watching this thing.

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