I Saw A Film!

It’s a one of those accidents of life that kept me from seeing this silly mess of a musical until now. While it was always popular while I was growing up, the opportunity to easily catch it never materialized. Then of course it drifts back into the darkness of all those thousands of unseen films. This film, though, comes with a massive cache of hipster cred. I’ve read articles about small cinemas living on this film, especially late night drunken event parties with dress up and screen response stuff. I can imagine a lot of audience singing.

The good news is that even after decades, this cheesy pseudo sci-fi, Tim Curry extravaganza is still plenty entertaining. There are so few things like it, except maybe the Muppet Show, or that early freaky puppet show that Peter Jackson set to film so long ago. The music, being from the mid-seventies and dripping with classic rock orchestration is more fun for the anachronism on Hulu. I would say, forget the silly Queen movie, dripping with modern wash and wear morality and ethics (as an ancient Queen fan none of the films center stage tribulations ever reached our stereos, blasting Sheer Heart Attack), and goofy stories of song genesis. Rocky Horror is a completely immersive unapologetic mess. Curry rules the screen, every scene with him, even the moment in the beginning where he stands at the back of the wedding party photo, is a joy. Much of the film feels made up on the spot, and the main theme seems to be a kind of delightful hedonism maintained by what turns out to be a bunch of aliens ensconced in a roadside castle. No one ever mentioned that bit. But all told, there’s no getting around what a unique and silly specimen of film this is.

Few things make this particular entertainment critic happier than a surprise, or a set of them. While Rocky Horror borrows a bit sparingly for plot set up from horror films of yore, nothing that follows makes sense past the vague look of an extended more suggestive muppet style theater operation. Basically, Curry’s Dr. Franken-furter has been building a lover for himself. A perfect muscularly impressive built body of a fellow who, while dim, seems to lead everybody down a path of confusion. Passions flair, servants rebel, and the lost couple looking to just use the phone (Sarandon and Bosworth) are the straight witnesses of the entire debacle.

Great fun. And Free on Hulu.

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