I Saw A Film!

A movie about a baby Michael J Fox who inherits his wolfishness from family, spins it into success with the ladies and in his chosen sports of basketball, and dancing on the roof of vans in traffic, and then chooses to somehow reject his wolfy side in favor of not needing the super-powers to accomplish his goals. Which means, sadly, that the last 15 minutes of this film is just a basketball game with an inspiring though insipid soundtrack. Not a wolf playing basketball, just basketball.

MJF has a young girlfriend named Boof. But he’s got the hots for the self-centered blonde bombshell, the classic high school tale. The astonishing thing is that when he transforms into a wolf the only one upset by his change is him. No one else seems even slightly surprised or unnerved by his alter-ego. In fact, out with his friend he is condescended and intimidated by a schoolmate who informs him that he actually shot MJF’s mother to death. What?! In what world can someone admit to such a horror and still be granted some kind of decency? What possible lesson is gathered from learning how to patiently divorce yourself from emotional outburst when you’re told some kid killed your mom?

But OK, let’s sum up. Wolf people just exist among us, and they might just end up playing basketball with your kids. No biggie. Go about your business. And so, what’s the central issue? It comes down to believing in yourself, that old nugget. It’s a bit like how on I Dream of Jeannie the Major didn’t want to rely on her powers for his success. We always just wondered, my brother and I, why?

Running free on Prime (usa).

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