I Saw A Film!

Willem DaFoe is a kind of high end drug dealer who writes compelling prose and wanders around with overwrought Michael Been music playing. It’s a bit like Taxi Driver but much less menacing. DaFoe’s character Tour is considering getting out of the game as Sarandon’s character is considering getting out and she’s the boss. Sarandon looks a bit like a wine mom in this one, less like one of my old girlfriends who I still see in her.

Meanwhile as he writes his tale and throws out the notebooks, so he tells us, he runs into his old flame. His ex-wife actually, who used to do a lot of partying with him. She’s not terribly interested in getting close to him knowing his drug life is still alive, though much less active for him, he’s strictly a dealer. His ex is in town as her mother is dying. The younger sister encourages him to visit her, the ex is not happy with it. She claims to be cleaned up, and not wanting to fall back into old routine.

Soon however she’s in bed with DaFoe and maybe the first time I’ve ever heard a woman directly refer to an erection and that it excites her in a film. After their steamy coupling she leaves hard, closing the door to him.

Things are kind of so-so no one really doing anything terribly exciting, the day in the life of a guy considering going back to school or something. But something kind of ugly happens of course. On a visit to one of their top customers, a wealthy German, he finds his ex-wife, strung-out. As he leaves there’s a horrible commotion and the lady appears to have fallen, jumped, or been pushed out a window.

The rest of the story focuses on this horror. I used to think DaFoe was one of those oddly compelling ugly guys, but then I realized he could be a brother to Bridget Bardot, the likeness is uncanny in certain films and at certain angles. A kind of face we don’t tire of despite it’s unruly roughness. He was pretty good as Van Gogh in a recent retelling and much more complicated variation of the old story.

I would have liked it better without the violence, I far prefer stories that give us some insight into how to manage our broken and difficult lives. All of us scarred and all of us wishful. Maybe he could have managed to get some poetry published in a NYC magazine or something. A little smile for the art side of the fellow. Something from Sonic Youth about knowing every nook and cranny of NYC. Why not show us that?

Running free on Prime (USA). There was a cute clip on Conan not too long ago when DaFoe visted of a young DaFoe pronouncing his name DAY-foe. Taking everyone by surprise. He claims part of his family does that, but he played with it a bit and it wasn’t working.

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