I saw a film!

This is a gritty looking black and white car stealing bore, starring Arch Hall Jr., his guitar and a couple of songs. Most of the story takes place on bleak country roads, and the gang of thieves is pursued by a dull bunch of cop and journalist squares with haircuts like concrete forms. The greasy worm they sell their parts to, from a poultry truck, eventually wants out of the business as they boys get careless in their action. Soon enough the cops are cornering the lads who have gotten too bold for their britches and here the film gets violent, a massive shootout kills a few! A terrible teens gone bad scare mess. Basically Fox News for 1961.

I suppose a good Arch Hall Jr. triptych with Wild Guitar and Eegah! Hall never quite got the action he deserved, having a sort of tow-headed, pug-nosed distinctive look and some solid songster talents, he should have gone much farther.

This runs free on Prime (USA) and I suppose a sort of prelude for car rip-off films like Gone In 60 Seconds.

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