Hi. My name is Geoff and I’m tired of poorly executed opinions.

Why do we Love what we Love? Why are some things NOT Loved?

At the risk of sounding a bit self-actualized and arrogant, what I would like to do is teach folks how to review things. And through this exercise help them achieve an enviable intelligent maturity. Why? Because too many people imagine that simply saying they “like” or “don’t like” something, or as Seinfeld recently said in a comedy special “it’s Great” or “it sucks”, is informative. It isn’t informative. And it makes me crazy that people think their baby-like spitting out of the apple sauce is meaningful.

Also, while you’re boggled by the idea that your primary, and baby-like responses to the world aren’t sufficient for informing people (what???), I’d like to suggest that understanding why we have responses to things (it’s great! no! it Sucks!) is part of how we mature mentally. Self examination (or what’s sometimes called introspection) is a powerful tool that helps us become smart. Yes smart. You want to be smart, or at least thought of as smart right? Introspection about why we love what we love is a big part of this achievement.

Remember that baby spitting out the apple sauce? If Momma isn’t lazy isn’t she gonna slip you some more apple sauce, and aren’t you eventually going to like it? Probably, right? Is what we love really just a matter of familiarity? Is familiarity just pleasant association? Hmmm. Things to consider, I hope you’ll join me!

I have a PhD and several Black Belts. I can Identify many wild mushrooms by site, others I may have to look up. I’m happiest immersed in music and what types of music “do it” for me is a constant source of interest to me.
I also love sushi. Not long ago I did not. What happened?